The Karate Dad – Episodes 8 and 9

We’ve been training for a few months now and daddy is starting to get a little overconfident in this teaching and parenting abilities.  A 16-month-old Anders quickly brings him back down to planet Earth in episode 8. We had done several basic techniques, so I thought, why not try to start doing forms?  What was I thinking?!  ThisContinue reading “The Karate Dad – Episodes 8 and 9”

How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Patience

We currently live in a society of instant gratification.  We have a question that needs answering we search the internet from our computers or smart phones.  We need to buy something; Amazon can send it to us the same day.  We need to get a hold of someone, we can call them on their cell phone day orContinue reading “How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Patience”