Must Reads for Expecting Dads

Being an expecting dad can be very overwhelming.  From the minute you find out your partner is pregnant, you realize that you know absolutely nothing and it is terrifying.  Some dads have a lot of family experience being uncles, big brothers, or older cousins.  Others take classes or reach out to friends.  Some just decide to wing it.

There are also people like me who are studious and introverted.  I like to learn by reading and studying.  While I relied on friends, family, classes, and other means, my primary mode of learning was through books.

I read many books to prepare myself as much as possible.  Some were good and some were bad.  To help other dads out there who may be like me, I’ve compiled a list of the best books, in my opinion.  These books are in no particular order and together will give you a great base of knowledge and source for future reference during your journey through fatherhood.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Total chick book but still must read – $9.99

This is the classic textbook for pregnancy and childbirth.  It is a behemoth of a book.  It is written from the mom’s point of view but has little side notes for dads.  I suggest reading this book in sections as needed rather than cover to cover.  A month ahead of time, read what to expect next month.

The Expectant Father

The dad version of What to Expect…When Expecting – $12.56

This is like What to expect when you’re expecting but for dads.  It is much easier to read and has the dad in mind.  It has little side notes of what your partner may be experiencing at various times.  I would suggest reading it cover to cover then referring back to certain sections when needed.

Dude You’re Gonna Be A Dad

Nice, easy, humorous read to get you started – $6.35

Like the expectant father, this book is geared towards dads.  It is like the cliff notes version of the expectant father.  It is a shorter, easier read and has a more humorous tone.  Read this book cover to cover.  I would suggest starting your learning with this book in order to get the ball rolling.  You won’t feel overwhelmed reading it as it is lighthearted and less serious than the others.

Even though many books give the same information, it is important to read more than one.  It takes people several times reading or hearing something before it sinks in.  When you hear it in different ways it helps you retain it even more.

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