My Son Is Perfect…And So Is Yours

Mommy’s little angel.  Daddy’s pride and joy.  We as parents all think our child is the image of perfection.  And you know what?  We are all correct, our sons and daughters are perfect.  Do they do things to annoy us?  You bet!  Do they make mistakes?  All the time.  Do they pee on you when you change their diaper?  Unfortunately.  Do they throw an inconsolable fit from time to time?  You better believe it!  Are they perfect, nonetheless?  Absolutely!

First of all, when I say my son is perfect, I am not saying he fits neatly into a societal norm that is deemed perfect.  He is perfect due to the uniqueness of him.  He also does not display many of the faults that I acknowledge having myself. 

How do you know that your child is perfect?  Whether they are black/white, conservative/liberal, gay/straight, short/tall/fat/skinny, it doesn’t matter.  They are all perfect.  What makes a child (or anyone for that matter) perfect is learning/improving from our mistakes and the constant pursuit of becoming a better person.  As parents, we need to help guide our kids in these two areas.  Our kids are not perfect just because they get into Harvard medical school or become a professional athlete.  On the flip side, our kids are not absolute failures if they drop out of school or have mental health problems.

Kids enter this world perfect and innocent.  We need to celebrate this perfection everyday even when the little devils are keeping us up all night, crying and screaming.  Below is a list of some of the ways my son is perfect.  I encourage every parent out there to take a few minutes to write out the ways your child is perfect.  If your child is old enough to understand, I would also encourage you to share this with them.

First the superficial

Thankfully my son got his mom’s good looks.  He has eyes and eyelashes that have been described as “dreamy”.  He was born with more hair on his head than I have accumulated in the last 15 years.  He is on track to be tall and lean based on growth charts.  I am not one to put much emphasis on looks but being a short, stocky, bald man (no I am not George Costanza), I know firsthand life is easier for those without those attributes.


Almost all kids are fearless, but my son takes it to the next level.  His favorite act seems to be climbing onto the couch, grabbing the window blinds, leaning backwards, and letting go, crashing back on the couch. Giggles ensue as mom and dad hover with the first aid kit in tow.

Strongest kid ever

As a karate instructor/practitioner for nearly my entire life, I have always feared the day my son will be able to take me out.  After being born for all of 2 days, I quickly realized that that day would come sooner rather than later.  My son was lying on the table about to get blood taken from the bottom of his heel for tests.  The doctor instructed me to put my arm over his chest to hold him from wriggling.  To all of our astonishment, he grabbed my forearm in a solid chin up grip and performed a pull up using my arm in order to get his feet away from the doctor.  The doctor then had a nurse hold his legs at the same time.  My son did a combination pull up/power squat to once again avoid the needle.  The doctor the exclaimed, “wow, he is one of the strongest babies I have ever seen.”  Great.


From the very first day he was born, he was checking everything and everybody out.  He was making eye contact with people.  You could feel him checking you out.  This would continue whenever he encountered someone or something new.  He would check it out and figure it out first.  When he started being mobile, we put a baby gate by our stairs.  He spent the better part of a day examining, touching, shaking it, and watching us open/close it.  By the end of the day, he was able to disengage the safety latches and open it.  Brains and brawn.  Not only will he be able to take me out sooner than I thought but he will also be smarter than me sooner than later.

Hyper focus

As mentioned above, my son is always checking things out and trying to figure them out.  He also has incredible focus.  This is best displayed in our weekly karate lessons.  Although only for a few minutes each week, he is focused on me for just about the entire time.  If you have not already done so, check out some of our lessons together on YouTube.  He also regularly has to be at the studio with me while I teach classes.  When he is not napping or snacking, he is checking everything and everyone out in the class intently.  The kid will be a black belt in no time.


Unconditional love.  Why is it only from puppies and babies?  Nothing is better than when I am sitting on the ground and he sits on my lap then rests his head on my chest or when we take a nap together and I wake up first with him snuggling close to me.


Sound effect, waving bye to boogers (long story), giggling when he farts, laughing hysterically when I do pushups, playing my bald head like a bongo drum, just to name a few.

Not shy

Although he takes time to check everything and everybody out, he is not shy.  Once he warms up to a situation, his personality will come out in full force.  I hope this trait continues as I have been shy my entire life and don’t want him to be fearful in seemingly normal situations like I am at times.

Whatever my son decides to do with his life, as long as he learns from his mistakes and continues to strive to be a better person, he will always be perfect to me and I will do my best to help him remain so.

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I have been involved in martial arts for over 30 years. I own and operate a studio in Seattle. I am also a father to an awesome kid. My websites provide information, tips, and videos on parenting and martial arts.

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